Battelle, Columbus, Ohio, introduced SmartVision, a predictive tool equipped with advanced predictive and risk mitigation services.

The new SmartVision service can help companies:

·         Track consumer sentiment and brand perceptions, delivering insights into market-shaping trends.

·         Identify new market opportunities to stay a step ahead of the competition.

·         Predict how emerging science and public opinion will impact regulatory developments, their industries and the marketplace.


How it works is, SmartVision collects vast amounts of real-time, unstructured data through an advanced method called horizon scanning, pulling information from blogs, social media, news sources, scientific journals, government sites and other sources of public information. Then, the analytical information is paired with human subject matter expertise to identify indicators of potential changes in external factors that can impact businesses and industries.

SmartVision delivers more than just raw data. Subscribers receive a customized weekly/monthly report identifying emerging issues and trends and highlighting issues or opportunities that require immediate attention.