Ocean Optics, Dunedin, Fla., introduced a line of spectroscopy accessories that make dynamic sampling measurements simple and reliable for both solid and liquid samples. The use of these dynamic sampling accessories are said to quickly yield more consistent and repeatable lot measurements to generate average representative spectra.

The sampling accessories—a diffuse reflectance probe, rotating sampling cup, multiplexer and flow cell—fit seamlessly with existing UV-Vis and NIR spectrometers and accessories, and are ideal for users who take routine measurements of the same sample types or need to frequently measure a large number of different samples.

The diffuse reflectance probe (DR probe) integrates a light source and collection optics into one unit to measure 45-degree diffuse reflectance, ideal for applications such as color analysis, material identification and quality monitoring of foods. The DR probe boasts rugged, all-metal construction with 40 mm focal length and an integrated 10,000-hour bulb for extended time between servicing.

Also available is the DynaCup, a rotating device that presents samples to the DR probe. The rotation allows the probe to scan the sample multiple times to collect a more consistent, representative spectrum of the sample. This method is important with inhomogeneous samples like grains, where variables such as shape, moisture and starch distribution within kernels can vary.

To save sample measurement time and streamline sample processing, the multiplexer is a mechanical actuator that distributes light through 10 customizable channels from a single light source. The multiplexer is useful for any kind of light transmission and optical fiber size. Two models offer a choice between fast positioning or high repeatability and accuracy of performance. The multiplexer features SMA 905 connections and a USB port for communication and remote control.

For flow applications, users can select the DynaFlux, an integrated transmission and absorbance flow cell. DynaFlux accepts standard transmission cells with path lengths up to 10 mm and a temperature-controlled sampling chamber. A programmable timer allows the flow cell pump to run for fixed times with options for continuous flow to analyze large volumes, or stop-flow mode to analyze static samples. DynaFlux is an all-in-one accessory for dynamic sampling of liquids for both NIR and UV-Vis transmissive measurements.

Ocean Optics