Blue Moose of Boulder, Boulder, Colo., introduced new, 1-pound family size options, designed for sharing.

"We have had numerous consumers and customers expressing interest in purchasing Blue Moose in a larger size—one that can more easily be shared with family and friends,” says Bill Cancellieri, plant manager. “Very few companies were offering an all-natural, hand-crafted hummus or salsa in a size that catered to larger families or parties. Responding to our customers and retail partners has been at the foundation of what has made us successful, and we thought that there would be no better time than this summer to introduce our family size offerings."

Blue Moose will initially launch the Original Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Medium Salsa in the new family size with potential for additional SKUs in the future. The family sized options can be found at Whole Foods Markets throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.