Tetra Pak, Vernon Hills, Ill., launched a filling machine that uses electron beams—not hydrogen peroxide—to sterilize packaging material.

At the heart of the new machine is the eBeam sterilization technology, which was developed by Tetra Pak in collaboration with COMET Technologies USA, Inc., a Shelton, Conn.-based provider of high-voltage and high-vacuum technology. The technology works by focusing a controlled beam of electrons onto the surface of packaging material as it runs through the filling machine, killing any bacteria or microorganisms present.

The use of eBeam removes a long-time physical limitation to carton packaging speed—the hydrogen peroxide sterilization process. With eBeam, the Tetra Pak E3 runs up to 40,000 portion packages per hour, or 11 packs every second.

Replacing hydrogen peroxide in packaging material sterilization also significantly improves environmental performance, making water recycling easier, lowering energy consumption and cutting waste.

Tetra Pak US