Grill, eat and repeat with new dry-seasoned ribs from Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, Va.

Pre-seasoned in Bold & Spicy Southwest Style Peppercorn, these BBQ ribs can be ready in less than two hours and provide an excellent source of protein.

"Every region of the country has their own preferred BBQ style, and our new line of dry-seasoned ribs has a flavor for everyone," says Dennis Pittman, senior director of corporate communications and public affairs. "They deliver the essence and quality of a meal at your local favorite BBQ restaurant with the convenience of making them right from your own home."

In addition to Southwest Style Peppercorn, these ribs will soon be available in select markets in Sweet & Spicy Memphis, Sweet & Tangy Carolina and Sweet & Smoky Kansas.

These dry-seasoned ribs are available in the fresh section of the meat department at supermarkets nationwide.