Kingsford Products Co., owner of the Charcoal brand and wholly owned subsidiary of The Clorox Co., Oakland, Calif., reached a multi-year agreement with CBQ, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carl Buddig & Co., Homewood, Ill., to produce Kingsford’s branded pre-cooked ribs and barbecue entrées.

“Kingsford is a highly respected brand across categories with exceptional consumer awareness. This partnership is a natural fit for Buddig, as we continue to grow our product line of fresh, great-tasting meats,” says Tom Buddig, executive vice president of Carl Buddig. “We’re excited to expand our line of pre-cooked barbecued ribs and entrées under the Kingsford brand while continuing to drive synergies with their barbecue sauces, flavored charcoal and grilling products.”

The new barbecue meals will feature hardwood, slow-smoked taste made with simple, real ingredients and without high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or preservatives.

“Consistent with our Kingsford food strategy to expand the brand through licensing, we are excited to partner with Carl Buddig to launch this new line of Kingsford smoked ribs and barbecue meats,” says Rory Wehrlie, associate director of alliances at The Clorox Co. “We look forward to building on Kingsford’s 90-plus years of grilling expertise to offer high-quality Kingsford branded barbecue foods that create significant value for the category and consumers.”

The Kingsford branded pre-cooked ribs and barbecue entrées will be available in supermarkets, club stores, foodservice and military channels in December.