Carl Buddig and Co., Homewood, Ill., acquired an additional manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Ill., making it the company’s fourth manufacturing site in the state.

Production at the 280,000-square-foot facility will begin this spring.

“Expanding our manufacturing footprint to relieve pressure from current facilities and add capacity to address growing production demands from our customers has been a No. 1 priority for the company,” says Bob Buddig, chief executive officer. “When the Montgomery facility became available, we jumped on the opportunity immediately. The new plant enables the company to significantly expand production of existing products and new products to be developed in the future.”

“It is fitting the company is undertaking this expansion in the same year of celebrating its 75th anniversary,” adds Tom Buddig, executive vice president of marketing. “Servicing our customers’ needs and serving up great tastes for consumers got us to where we are today. This expansion is an important step in making sure this continues and prepares our family-owned company for the next 75 years and generations to follow.”

“It is also important to note the expansion will create an additional 250-300 jobs in the coming year,” says Dan Wynn, chief operating officer. “We are not simply transferring jobs from our current facilities. We are creating new jobs to accommodate growth and work more efficiently. Buddig’s corporate office will remain in Homewood, Ill., and production will continue in all of the South Holland, Ill., facilities.”

“Since the Montgomery facility was previously used as meat processing plant before closing in July 2017, we believe there may be a number of trained and qualified workers living in the area,” says Karen Noble, executive vice president of human resources.