Storax Solutions, Charleston, S.C., helps public warehouses and third-party logistics providers accommodate increased imports with high-density storage solutions that unite efficient space utilization with direct inventory access and increased productivity.

Powerracks, for example, are mobile storage racking systems that maximizes space utilization through use of a moving aisle, which provides direct access to every pallet location.

Meanwhile, the Ranger System is a pallet shuttle system that independently marshals pallets into placeby a handheld remote control or WiFi PDA. Utilizing advanced photocell technology, the Ranger intelligently detects and positions itself underneath a pallet to lift and move pallets within a deep lane tunnel rack system, leaving operators free to execute other tasks.

Additional benefits include:

·         Up to 100% increase in pallet storage.

·         20-50% decrease in facility footprint.

·         Unobstructed product access - No double handling.

·         Increased air circulation and product integrity


Storax Systems