SecureRF Corp., Shelton, Conn., introduced LIME Tag NY01, which is a secure near field communication (NFC) battery-assisted sensor tag that actively provides authentication and encrypted reader-tag communications. It can be used in conjunction with a standard NFC reader or an NFC-enabled smartphone, tablet, watch or other NFC device.

The LIME Tag NY01 provides programmable temperature logging with an indicator that identifies if it was out of the set range. These ISO 14443B-compliant tags are designed for logistics and cold chain applications where temperature verification needs to happen without the overhead or expense of commercial RFID readers.

Due to SecureRF’s public key security solution, the reader does not need a network connection at the time of product authentication. It can also be used with the company’s Veridify mobile app and cloud-based dashboard to:

• Monitor chain-of-custody and logistics functions.

• Revoke/reinstate authentication status in the field or when shipment has arrived, enabling in-transit control of product authentication.

• Control expiration/authentication dates.

• Deliver marketing offers or product updates.

• Collect results of scan including location and user data.