Chobani LLC, Norwich, N.Y., introduced a range of product extensions and limited-batch seasonal products designed to increase demand for choice and variety among U.S. Greek yogurt fans.

New to the portfolio is:


§  16-ounce Plain 0%

§  16-ounce Whole Milk Honey

§  16-ounce Whole Milk Vanilla

§  5.3-ounce Rasberry 4-pack

§  Apple Cinnamon [limited batch]

§  Maple [limited batch]

o   Flip

§  Chipotle Pineapple

§  Sriracha Mango

§  Peanut Butter & Jelly

§  Peppermint Perfection [limited batch]

o   Simply 100

§  Mixed Red Berry Blended

§  Strawberry Banana Blended

§  Mango Cone Crunch

§  Blueberry Cookie Crunch

§  Strawberry Chocolate Crunch

o   Kids

§  Apple 4-Pack