Clio Snacks, the fresh snacking brand behind the world's first Greek yogurt bar wrapped in chocolate, introduces Clio Granola and Yogurt Parfait bars. Combining Clio's signature creamy Greek yogurt with a layer of crunchy granola, Clio transforms the traditional parfait into a ready-made refrigerated bar perfect for a convenient breakfast, satiating snack, or better-for-you dessert. Available in two flavors--Strawberry wrapped in yogurt and Coconut wrapped in chocolate--and packed with 10g of protein, Clio Granola and Parfait Bars will delight new consumers while opening up new snacking and breakfast occasions for the brand.

"Parfait is a classic offering, combining the crunchiness of granola with Greek yogurt for a delectable breakfast or snack option," said Heather Cox, Chief Operating Officer of Clio Snacks. "For Clio, it felt like a natural next step as we continue to push the boundaries and reimagine the yogurt and bar experience. From the first bite we knew we had a product that perfectly balances crave-ability with guilt free-ingredients, all wrapped in a delicious, convenient bar."

Consumers are snacking more than ever before. In fact, 46% of consumers indicate that they are snacking more during the pandemic than prior to1 and are looking for snacks that allow them to satisfy a craving or treat themselves. Yet, more than six in ten consumers wish there were healthier snack options2. This is where Clio Granola and Yogurt Parfait bars comes in, delivering a snack that perfectly balances indulgence with high quality ingredients, so that consumer can truly love what they crave. 

Clio's hand-crafted Granola and Yogurt Parfait bars (MSRP $2.49, 1-ct box, 1.94 oz net wt.) are currently available for purchase at Whole Foods nationwide and, with plans to expand distribution in June 2021. 


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About Clio Snacks
Clio Snacks was founded in 2015 by CEO Sergey Konchakovskiy who created the first of its kind refrigerated Greek Yogurt Bar wrapped in chocolate. Sergey came up with the idea after discovering a leftover batch of strained Greek yogurt resulted in a cheesecake-textured snack - a great way to get his kids to eat yogurt and even better when wrapped in chocolate. Today, Clio offers a line of handheld Greek yogurt bars that combine the benefits of whole milk Greek yogurt- high in protein and probiotics- with an irresistible cheesecake-like texture and decadent dark chocolate coating. Available in retailers nationwide, you can finally satisfy your cravings with confidence with Clio's better-for you snacks that taste like a treat.