Ozery Bakery, Canada, released One Bun Organic Squares, pre-sliced, square, skinny sandwich buns available in Organic Multi Seed and Organic Ancient Grains.

The Organic Multi Seed One Bun Squares are made with organic stone-ground whole wheat and organic ingredients such as poppy, pumpkin, chia, flax and sunflower seeds. The Organic Ancient Grains One Bun Squares are composed of organic Kamut, millet, spelt, rye and quinoa.

Both varieties are less than 200 calories per serving, boasting 6 grams of protein, a healthy amount of fiber and only 2 grams of sugar per serving.    

“Thin, square, organic—we hope this will be the shape of things to come in the bread aisle,” says Guy Ozery, partner. “Following on the heels of our Morning Rounds and the One Bun Original Sandwich Thins, we hope our new Organic Sandwich Squares will bring our retailers incremental sales and consumers a tasty new way to sandwich.”

The One Bun Organic Squares are ideal for sandwiches, grilled cheese, pizza, Panini and more. They’re available in 15.8-ounce packages, containing 6 buns, for a suggested retail priceof $4.59.