Loma Systems, Carol Stream, Ill., unveiled a range of space-saving CW3 compact combination checkweighing and metal detection units. Said to have up to 30% smaller footprint than similar systems and a modular, the CW3 portfolio is fully constructed from stainless steel and can adapt to a wide range of different products.

The checkweigher measures product weights quickly and precisely with a specially developed diverter that rejects “out of tolerance” products, while the metal detector consistently detects and rejects contaminated products.

The high speed and accuracy of Loma’s CW3 compact combo, coupled with the easy-to-use multilingual and integrated color graphical touch screen interface with dual controls for both machines, makes product change fast and simple.

The versatile checkweigher is capable of weighing a wide range of flexible and rigid packs up to 6 kg and can inspect up to 80 packs per minute.

Loma’s CW3 compact combo also provides a suite of remote data commands system allowing operation managers to integrate the equipment into existing plant data capture networks.

The CW3 compact combo includes a performance validation system, which automatically prompts the operator to test performance at pre-set intervals, conforming to HACCP standards and producing detailed records of any contaminants found. It also features adjustable feet, reject bins, USB socket, multi-speed, pack pitch monitor, PETG covers, inspection hatch and lamp-stack.

Loma Systems