LINPAC, UK, and Graphic Packaging, Sandy Springs, Ga., collaborated to develop new 4-pack patisserie styles, which offer bakers and retailers superior and stylish on-shelf presentation.

Graphic Packaging created the cartonboard trays and bases, whilst LINPAC developed a series of crystal clear rPET lids.

The range includes a fold-out shallow cartonboard base and tapered rPET lid for easy in-store loading and can be folded out into a presentation plate by the consumer once at home. The theatre pack features a hinged lid and wrap-around carton board base, providing excellent on-shelf appeal and a novel opening format.

For increased flexibility and inventory efficiency, the multi-height cartonboard-nested tray enables different pack depths to suit a variety of bakery products, whilst using the same rPET lid, reducing packaging SKUs. The pack offers customers high visibility and a sophisticated tapered lid design.

Finally, the clip-in solution can be folded flat to minimize storage needs, while easy to construct at the point of sale.

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