Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., Dakota Dunes, S.D., debuted a new Open Prairie Natural Pork brand, which delivers high-quality pork that is minimally processed, contains no artificial ingredients and is from pigs raised under a strict set of criteria.

“We developed this brand to meet the growing demand for natural pork, while allowing retailers to diversify their product mix and give them a competitive edge,” says Ozlem Worpel, brand manager. “From 2009-2013, the natural pork category increased 164%, and our own Consumer Monitor  survey conducted in the fall of 2015 told us that the ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ and ’No Added Hormones’ product attributes have continued to increase in importance for consumers when buying meat products.”
“Since more consumers want to know how their foods are produced, we’re very proud to provide them with this all-natural, no antibiotics ever option,” adds Kent Harrison, vice president of marketing and premium programs. “The independent pig farmers who supply us share our commitment to proper animal handling, and in order to qualify for this program, must also ensure the pigs are fed a 100% vegetarian diet during the growing and finishing stages.”