BellHawk Systems, Millbury, Mass., released BellHawk Version 7 supply chain integration software, which is used for a wide range of operations tracking applications.

Enhancements include:

·         Web portals that enable customers, suppliers and employees to selectively view the status of customer orders, jobs and inventory.

·         Ability to print GS1, SSCC and GTIN standard barcode labels on demand for pallets and cartons.

·         Improved ability to send advanced shipment notice (ASN) data to customers, distribution centers and third-party logistics organizations by EDI, XML or FTP.

·         Uses the term "work order" vs “job” to remove confusion between customer jobs that may include multiple work orders. It also clarifies the fact that clients issue work orders to perform a series of operations, typically to transform materials from raw materials to finished products.

·         Uses the term “sales order" vs “sales order” for recording shipments into the supply chain. These may or may not correspond to a customer order to purchase products.

·         Uses the "user" vs “employee” reflect that users of the BellHawk system may or may not be employees of the host company. They may be contract workers or personnel from customers or suppliers.

·         Uses the term "operator" to mean a material handler, equipment operator or a shop floor worker who uses a shared data entry device to "device user."

·         Significantly improved Bell-Connector to make it easier for clients to implement this toolset into their own interfaces. This includes addition of capabilities to enable easier integration with external inbound and outbound supply chain systems.

·         Added capabilities to see the status of all work orders, purchase orders, materials and shipments related to a single ship order.


BellHawk Systems Corp.