Trident Seafoods Corp., Seattle, Wash., announced plans to enter the value-added seafood processing business in Germany with the acquisition of Pickenpack Vertriebs (PPV) and The Seafood Traders (TST) processing facility in Riepe, Germany.

“For 43 years, we have been focused on vertical integration,” says Joe Bundrant, chief executive officer of Trident Seafoods. “From the Source to the Plate is not only our motto, but [also] a fundamental value at Trident. The company we acquired today has long been a major user and marketer of single-frozen wild Alaska Pollock, and this is a logical fit for us. Trident can now offer European customers the assurance of full control of our product supply chain at a time when transparency is becoming increasingly important to consumers.”

“The opportunity to move closer to the European market is one we have dreamt about for a long time, and we take great pride in this accomplishment,” Bundrant adds. “Genuine Alaska Pollock is a staple of German fish consumption, and it has been recognized by consumers for its superior quality, sustainability and traceability. That’s why it is one of the most popular wild seafood species in Europe.”

Caught in U.S waters by Alaska fishermen and frozen only once, Genuine Alaska Pollock is said to be the highest quality whitefish available for value-added seafood products like fish fingers and gourmet fillets.

Trident maintains sales offices throughout the EU, including its European headquarters in Lüneburg, Germany.

“We are excited to welcome the employees of TST into the Trident family, and we look forward to growing our business and strengthening relationships with our new customers and suppliers,” Bundrant adds.