In 2015, MorningStar Farms worked with Quantis, Boston-based life cycle assessment consultants, to conduct a study comparing the environmental impact of veggie meals, meat-containing meals and other products across water use, greenhouse gas emissions and land use.

With that data, Kellogg Co., the Battle Creek, Mich.-based owner of the MorningStar Farms brand, created the Veg Effect Calculator, an innovative tool to help consumers see the impact a veggie meal can create on the environment. 

With a few simple calculations, consumers can determine how their personal food choices—and the food choices of their friends, families and geographic regions—can affect the impact on the environment.

In fact, by eating a meatless meal instead of one with meat per week for a year, consumers would save 3,600 gallons of water, 1,000 square feet of land and 184 car miles in greenhouse gas emissions per person, according to a new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) released by MorningStar Farms. 

"MorningStar Farms is passionate about creating products that will change not just the way people eat, but also the world," says Todd Smith, director of brand and innovation marketing. "We're on a mission to show people the many different ways to veg, and how even one simple change can lead to a world of difference. To bring this to life, we encourage folks to try out the Veg Effect Calculator and share it with their family and friends.''