Philadelphia-based PhillySwirl teamed up with ICEE Co., an Ontario, Calif.-based subsidiary of J&J Snack Foods Corp., to introduce new frozen novelties that feature a unique twist on classic flavors.

ICEE MixItUp allows consumers to enjoy their favorite frozen beverage flavors from home. With the pop and fizz of an ICEE beverage produces swirled concoctions like red and white cherry, green apple and watermelon, blue raspberry and white cherry and strawberry and kiwi.

Organic Jungle Swirls gives ingredient-conscious families something to squawk about, consisting of no artificial flavor and colors and flavored with real fruit juice and puree.

Lemonade Swirls open with the classic, refreshing taste of lemonade, followed by a blast of fruit flavor.

"PhillySwirl is always seeking new ways to bring innovative, family-friendly flavors to the frozen novelty category," says Jasmine Singer, marketing manager. "We are especially thrilled to ‘mix it up' with ICEE on this special line of frozen flavors.”

The new PhillySwirl flavors boast a suggested retail price of $2.99.