SPX Cooling Technologies, Overland Park, Kan., introduced the Recold Vector Adiabatic Cooling System for halocarbon refrigerant condensing or CO2 gas cooling applications in supermarket refrigeration systems.

The Recold Vector is said to provide lower energy usage and a smaller footprint than an air-cooled condensers, and up to 60% or more reduction in site water usage compared to an evaporative condenser. Designed as a once-through system, the Recold Vector Adiabatic Cooling System minimizes water treatment requirements. 

With a condensing capacity of 25-295 tons and a CO2 gas cooling capacity of 32-372 tons, the Recold Vector system enhances the utility of an air-cooled system with the efficiency boost of a wet system during peak conditions. Evaporative pads pre-cool air only on peak days, and coils remain dry to maintain efficiency and life expectancy. Electronically commutated (EC) motors help ensure reliable and efficient operation.

The Recold Vector system is equipped with the HydroBLU energy management control system featuring automatic motor programming and either stand-alone or remote interface control. The control system can be used with set-point changeover and/or a nighttime limiter. Additional features include operational and fault signaling, remote monitoring capabilities and bypass operations.

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.