Scandit, San Francisco, launched Scandit Flow, a mobile data capture development platform that supports a wide variety of barcode scanning-intensive workflows across the supply chain, including proof of delivery, inventory management and asset management.

Scandit Flow makes it easy to migrate data capture solutions from dedicated hardware scanners and outdated Windows CE devices to the latest iOS and Android devices, while significantly reducing the upfront investment in hardware and software.  

Key features include:

·         Seamlessly distribute via the Scandit Flow Container App or use CloudBuild to distribute a branded application in only a few clicks.

·         The Flow Dashboard allows customers to control access at the device or user level; Flow supports all major third-party authentication providers, such as Active Directory, Google Apps or Salesforce.

·         Pre-built, integration-ready workflows employ best practices of mobile user interaction and serve as accelerators. 

·         Compatible with enterprise backend systems, e.g. SAP, SAP hybris, Salesforce, NetSuite and more.

·         Built-in security features such as remote wipe, point-to-point and local encryption.

·         Customers can also run and deploy their own HTML and JavaScript to enable custom workflows and integrate with existing IT systems — leveraging modules for barcode scanning, signature capture, image storage, offline database, native maps and more.


Scandit Inc.