TAKE Supply Chain, an Austin, Texas-based division of TAKE Solutions Ltd., launched OneSCM Intelligent Data Capture, an enhancement to the company’s flagship OneSCM Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. This Intelligent Data Capture replaces manual data entry with efficient automated invoice processing to reduce invoice processing cost, improve payment cycle visibility and increase financial analysis accuracy.

Key benefits include:

Automate and accelerate data-centric accounts payable processes. Intelligent Data Capture reduces the time needed to review incoming invoices to find the detailed data that matches required ERP formatted data fields. There is no longer a need to manually transcribe documents into the ERP system.

Pay suppliers faster. Intelligent Data Capture enables early capture of invoices and centralized validation of data. Customers can receive invoices from their suppliers via PDF, paper or scanned image(s) where the data is extracted to generate an electronic invoice. Intelligent Data Capture initiates the AP workflow immediately to automatically process invoice payment.

Work smarter, become more strategic. The solution reduces manual workflow processing requirements and introduces more sustainable business practices. With direct access to the ERP system via OneSCM, suppliers can gain complete visibility into real-time, on-demand updates regarding invoice and payment status to reduce man-hours spent tracking down AP personnel.

Real-time intelligence beyond accounts payable. Whether creating a purchase order, invoice, shipping manifest or receipt, Intelligent Data Capture allows organizations to centralize business process activity and implement a faster and more accurate workflow.

TAKE Supply Chain