Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, Wis., introduced its new SequenceManager solution, which enables powerful and flexible sequencing capabilities of the batch process at the controller, offering increased functionality for skids, off-network systems and single-unit controls. 

Leveraging a Logix-based controller platform, the SequenceManager solution allows operators to configure, view and obtain critical information about batch sequences stored in the controller, increasing visibility and accessibility to all stages of the production process. 

Key capabilities include:

Intuitive operations. Modern interfaces, workflows and accessibility features empower operators to focus on production needs instead of managing system navigation and manual interventions, and view standardized batch reporting for seamless integration with other Rockwell Automation products.

Highly scalable architecture. OEMs can develop, test and deliver skids as fully functioning, stand-alone equipment that can seamlessly integrate into a site’s existing batch strategy without the need to re-deploy the code. End users will realize efficiencies in integration and reduced infrastructure costs that traditional batch solutions may normally require.

Flexible, yet secure. Takes advantage of ISA-88 standard methodologies and state transitions, while getting all of the security and benefits of Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer and FactoryTalk View SE software.  

Increased responsiveness. Placing the recipe and sequencing in the controller enables the SequenceManager solution to control high-speed and time-dependent processes through rapid response and secured connectivity.

The SequenceManager solution is well-suited for industries where batch process control is regulated and/or business critical. Specific applications include single- or multiple-independent unit operations, such as OEM skids, clean-in-place systems, dryers, evaporators, ovens and reactors.

Rockwell Automation, Inc.