Ticklebelly Desserts, Denver, Colo., released cakebars, which consists of pure, moist cake baked onto a stick, enveloped in a sweet confectionary coating and sprinkled with toppings.

Created by a team of top dessert chefs, cakebars are baked with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Plus, they’re designed for easy, on-the-go snacking, and boast 150 calories a bar or less.

Ticklebelly cakebars come in:

Dark Chocolate. Soft dark chocolate cake dipped in a decadent dark chocolate shell and finished with chocolate flakes.

Vanilla Bean. Soft vanilla cake dipped in a sweet vanilla bean shell and finished with a touch of colorful sugar sprinkles.

Chocolate Peanut Butter. Soft peanut butter cake dipped in a sweet milk chocolate shell and finished with a sprinkle of crunchy roasted peanut pieces.

Cookies n’ Cream. Soft vanilla cake with crunchy pieces of chocolate cookie crumb dipped in a creamy vanilla shell and sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumble.

Salted Caramel Shortbread. Soft caramel cake dipped in a sweet caramel shell and finished with a sprinkle of sea salt and crunchy shortbread crumbs.

Seasonal flavors include Strawberry Shortcake and Sweet Lemon in the spring/summer; Sweet Pumpkin, Peppermint Bark and Red Velvet in the fall/winter.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the launch of cakebars,” says Brian McGuire, president. “Cake is a classic dessert – everyone likes cake, adults and children alike. What’s better than being able to enjoy cake just because you want to? Cakebars are approachable, fun and just the treat for a sweet tooth.”

Ticklebelly cakebars are available in packs of four at major grocers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.99 a pack.