MULTI-FILL Inc., West Jordan, Utah, offers a batch feeder to complement the multi-purpose volumetric fillers and provide a handling solution for bulk small goods such as cooked pasta, rice and vegetables.

The batch feeder meters a continuous flow of product to the hopper of the volumetric filler, thereby reducing the amount of manual labor involved in keeping the hopper full. It can be fed with a post dumper, conveyor or chute from the second floor or a high platform.

The compact machine can be mounted directly onto the frame of a MULTI-FILL volumetric filler and controlled through the filler’s HMI. The batch feeder automatically speeds up and slows down with the filler as the line increases or decreases in speed.

First-in/first-out flow ensures freshness and helps maintain product appearance and integrity.

And, quick release components allow operators to quickly disassemble, clean and reassemble without tools.

Multi-Fill Inc.