Chevron Products Co., a San Ramon, Calif.-based division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc., and Noria Corp., a Tulsa, Okla.-based provider of lubrication consulting services and training, launched the ISOCLEAN Calculator, what is said to be a first of its kind tool that helps companies evaluate possible equipment life based on lubricant cleanliness levels. The easy-to-use tool was developed by Chevron Products and is powered by Noria’s Life Extension tables to help calculate the levels of particle contamination that are typical for each user’s specific situation.

Noria’s Life Extension tables summarize the effect of contaminant particles on the expected service life of hydraulics, gears, rolling element bearings and journal bearings.

How it works is, a 3-step process collects all the relevant information of a user’s industry, equipment type and components as well as the conditions that are relevant to the lubricant used in their operations. Based on the data selected, theISOCLEAN Calculator delivers a results report that is customized to each user, providing the target ISO cleanliness code compared to the current one, visuals of the magnified patch samples of each and current lifespan of the equipment vs what it could achieve using Chevron’sISOCLEAN-certified lubricants.

Chevron’s ISOCLEAN program includesISOCLEAN-certified lubricants, which have been certified to meet the fluid cleanliness requirements of OEMs, and ISOCLEAN services, which are in-plant services designed to clean up and manage contamination of in-service lubricants and operating systems.

Chevron Products Co.

Noria Corp.