Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., introduced a 4-strand mild steel-constructed indexing table-style-top conveyor with two common drive assemblies, designed to convey corrugated cartons with stacked heavy metal product inside.

Sprockets are keyed inline so each sprocket engages and moves in time with one another. This reduces product skewing across all four strands.

The system was engineered to convey 260 pounds of product, approximately 60 pounds per chain or 560 pounds total weight at any given time across 12 feet of conveyor chains. 

The front end of the line accumulates the cartons by indexing, which then transfers to the second series of chains. The cartons are then halted by fixed end stops where they robotically remove from the line and palletized.

Built-in safety features include silver chain shaft cut-out guard with end caps, bearing covers, finger guards and yellow chain safety guarding.