Best Sanitizers, Inc., Penn Valley, Calif., introduced the HACCP SmartStep and HACCP Defender footwear sanitizing systems.

The BSX Boot Scrubber offers six different boot scrubbers. Each boot scrubber has an open, sanitary design that eliminates hidden and hard-to-reach and difficult-to-clean areas.

For facilities with a smaller number of employees, the BSX100, BSX200, BSX400 and BSX600 boot scrubber units accommodate one user at a time. The BSX100 and BSX200 operate the same way; a user steps onto the platform, the system is activated and Alpet No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer sprays onto the boot and brushes to aid in the cleaning of the footwear. The user moves their boot back and forth through the brushes, supplying the mechanical scrubbing action. The BSX400 and BSX600 operate similarly, but also include motorized rotating brushes to help automate the scrubbing action.

Manufacturers with a medium-to-high number of employees and greater throughput requirements can opt for the BSX800 Compact Walk Through Boot Scrubber Unit. Diluted Alpet No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer sprays onto motorized rotating brushes from a stainless-steel venturi dilution valve and metering tip to provide the desired PPM. The BSX800 uses two rotating disk brushes to clean the sides and sole of the boots, while the BSX800-V uses three vertical rotating brushes and one horizontal sole brush. Both have a small footprint and are ideal for tight spaces and medium traffic applications.

The BSX1000 High Capacity Walk Through Boot Scrubber Unit is designed for facilities with a larger number of employees. Similar to the BSX800, this unit can accommodate up to three users at a time, allowing for 15-25 users per minute. The BSX1000 uses two motorized rotating disk brushes and two long motorized horizontal sole brushes, while the BSX1000-V uses three vertical motorized rotating brushes and two long horizontal sole brushes. Both of these configurations use Alpet No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer to aid in the boot cleaning, and provide multiple points of contact between brush and boot.

Best Sanitizers, Inc.