PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, introduced new additions of multiple end-use plastics.

For instance, LubriOne wear-resistant solutions (as seen here) now come in new formulations that further improve part performance and manufacturability. LubriOne formulations help reduce the torque required to mold parts, enabling efficiencies and increased flexibility in manufacturing operations. Unlike anti-wear polymers that include silicone oil as a lubricant, the new PolyOne formulations release no volatile silicone emissions. The new formulations also boast a lower density than materials lubricated with PTFE fluoropolymer.  

Impress high-gloss metallic effect concentrates give packaging an attention-grabbing look at point-of-sale. This new technology, made with semi-crystalline polymers such as PET, enables packaging manufacturers to create unlimited combinations of color and gloss. These new formulations can be processed on standard injection stretch blow molding machinery, and create no flow lines that would disrupt the glossy surface.  

New formulations to the OnCap laser-sensitive additive solutions enable manufacturers with rapid laser marking equipment to capture the full benefit of their new high production lines. These developments allow manufacturers to run wire and cable production lines at rates up to 400 meters per minute. OnCap laser-sensitive additives ensure an excellent marking contrast even at extremely high extrusion line speeds. How it works is, a laser beam activates a laser-sensitive additive embedded in the polymer. The beam changes the molecular structure of the additive, causing a color change and creating a permanent mark. Laser markings are non-contact, abrasion resistant, permanent and can be integrated into continuous production lines. 

PolyOne Corp.