Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, an Arkansas City, Kan., supplier of premium USDA-certified beef and pork products, announced a joint venture with Pasture One, which will result in a significant expansion of Creekstone Farms; product line while increasing Pasture One’s distribution capabilities.  

Pasture One, Petaluma, Calif., has always worked with ranchers and processors to ensure the highest level of food safety, and is fully transitioning all of its production to the Creekstone Farms processing facility in Arkansas City.

“We are excited to move our production to this facility, where Creekstone has built a reputation for quality humane animal treatment and has a stellar food safety record,” says Peter Hausin, chief executive officer of Pasture One. “The Temple Grandin-designed facility and third-party humane certifications were exactly what we were looking for in a processor for our cattle. Creekstone Farms is well-aligned with the Pasture One mission.”

The grass-fed cattle are born and raised on family farms throughout the United States. Pasture One works closely with their rancher partners on holistic cattle production and pasture management standards, ensuring the most consistent, high-quality grass-fed beef available in the market.

The Pasture One grass-fed beef line will be added to Creekstone Farms’ current product offerings, which include conventionally raised/fed beef, antibiotic-free beef and non-GMO raised and fed beef.

“The Pasture One line of grass-fed beef complements our current product offerings while extending the depth of our variety with a beef product that our customers are looking for,” says Jim Rogers, vice president of sales and marketing for Creekstone Farms. “We were looking for a great quality, consistent grass-fed program, and found it with Pasture One.”