Cypress Grove, an Arcata, Calif.-based artisan goat cheese processor, refreshed, revitalized and renewed its brand, marrying both its past and future to create a more modern look.

For starters, Cypress Grove dropped the “chevre” from its name to embrace its all-American background and opted for new labels to provide a more comprehensive look and feel for each of its cheeses.  

The revamped look also represents Cypress Grove’s commitment to the growing goat cheese industry and proves that cheese does not have to be complicated to be memorable and delicious. The artisan cheese company built a state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced goat dairy to mentor other commercial goat dairies and teach about the connection between herd health, high-yielding animals and high-quality milk.

“We place incredible importance on maintaining the same standards and values that we always have—now we just have a fresh aesthetic to showcase them,” says Pamela Dressler, president.

Cypress Grove produces artisan cheese under the Truffle Tremor, Humboldt Fog, Bermuda Triangle, Lamb Chopper, Midnight Moon, PsycheDillic, Sgt Pepper, Ms. Natural, Herbs de Humboldt and Purple Haze brands.