Scotsburn Cooperative Services Ltd., Canada, entered into a binding deal to sell substantially all of its assets to Agropur Cooperative, Canada.

“After a great deal of careful consideration and detailed analysis, we felt the best option for maintaining frozen dairy production was ensuring that Scotsburn’s assets be sold to Agropur, a major North American dairy co-operative with deep roots in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada,” says Robbie MacGregor, a Pictou County dairy farmer who chairs Scotsburn’s board. “This agreement safeguards many local jobs, and helps ensure the future of local frozen dairy production, which is so important for our rural communities in these challenging times.”

As part of the agreement, Agropur will assume all responsibilities under Scotsburn’s collective bargaining agreements in place for nearly 260 employees in the Maritimes and Quebec.

“The market for frozen dairy products is increasingly difficult. A large national cooperative such as Agropur will help sustain these assets in the longer term,” adds Jeff Burrows, president and CEO of Scotsburn. “This will position the frozen dairy product business for continued growth in the industry, in Atlantic Canada and in Quebec for the coming years.”