Peri & Sons Farms, Yerington, Nev., and Nunes Co., Salinas, Calif., joined forces to build a state-of-the-art cooling and distribution facility in Yerington, Nev., adding over 800 jobs, with additional job growth projected upon completion.

The new facility, Walker River Cooling, is expected to open in May 2017, and will service retailers, wholesalers and other buying organizations throughout North America.

Peri & Sons and The Nunes Co.have been working together since 2008, growing and marketing organic fresh vegetables in Lyon County for consumers across North America. Starting with 16 acres, the two companies will grow and ship more than 25 million pounds of organic baby greens and 40 million pounds of organic fresh vegetables this year.

“It’s paramount that we keep up with the demand of the growing organic marketplace and servicing our customers. This new facility will be an integral part of growing our business and plans for the future,” says Pam Peri, executive vice president of Peri & Sons Farms. “The advantages of building this new facility in Nevada are numerous. We will have the necessary land, water and labor resources needed in the coming years to continually supply our customers with the highest quality products available. The combined strength of our two companies coming together will mean greater efficiencies for us, as well as our customers.”

Construction of the new Walker River Cooling facility broke ground in early September, and will be built in three phases.

Peri & Sons is an onion grower, while The Nunes Co. is a grower/shippers of organic fresh produce marketed under the Foxy brand.