NEXTracker, San Francisco, launched a new solar plus storage tracker.

NEXTracker’s NX Fusion Plus integrates the SunDial from Ideal Power, Austin, Teas, with NEXTracker’s best-in-class solar tracker, a battery pack and software to deliver maximum return on investment to solar power plants.

The SunDial, based on Ideal Power’s patented Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA), is a grid-tied commercial 30kW PV string inverter with an integrated 6-string PV combiner and DC disconnect with 480V, 3-phase output. Its innovative “AC link” design provides true galvanic isolation from the AC to the DC ports, enabling PV installations to be grounded, which eliminates potential induced degradation (PID) on the PV array. The SunDial is said to be the smallest and lightest fully isolated 3-phase PV inverter on the market. It can be equipped to add energy storage either at initial installation or in the future.

NEXTracker, a Flex company