After years of using CEVA Logistics’ services to move CakeBoxx containers around the globe, CakeBoxx Technologies, McLean, Va., and CEVA Logistics, Mountain View, Calif., have expanded their relationship.

Not only do CEVA Logistics’ CEVA stations serve as receiving and storage locations for CakeBoxx products, but now their teams co-host and support the demonstration of the CakeBoxx two-piece container.

“CakeBoxx Technologies has always had a great relationship with CEVA for the movement of our boxes internationally and domestically, so we’re very excited to expand our relationship with them in this way. The CEVA teams at these locations—as they are worldwide—are first class. As a new technology in the container trade, it’s crucial for our customers to understand exactly how our CakeBoxx products work. What better way of doing this than demonstrating them in person alongside the CEVA pros where we can answer questions and talk through all the details,” says Daine Eisold, chief executive officer CakeBoxx Technologies.

“CEVA is really enthusiastic about the innovation CakeBoxx is bringing to the container industry, and its product brings to potential customers here in the United States,” adds Bill Borden, CEVA Logistics’ Baltimore station manager.