M1 Marketing, UK, imports and distributes a patented protection system called Trailerlock.

Designed for the cargo compartments of vans and semi-trailers, the device protects the rear doors of trailers and light commercial vehicles to prevent intruders from breaking into vehicles, either while moving or while at rest in parking areas.

Trailerlock comprises a case, anchoring bolt, secret nut and a wrench, plus back-up wrench. Manufactured from solid steel, simple to operate and resistant to mechanical interference, the system does not require additional modifications to the rear doors of semi-trailers. Trailerlock fits most trailers and is ideal for international operators or trailers carrying high-value goods.

The lock can be fitted into pre-existing holes in the trailer, otherwise holes can be drilled with an 8.5-9mm metal drill bit. The fastening bolt is then placed through the frame on the right side of the handle.

Next, the body of the lock is placed onto the handle, so that the fixing bolt passes through the smaller hole in the lock’s body. The secret nut is then attached through the larger hole in the lock’s body, into the fixing bolt. These steps can then be reversed to unlock the device. The driver keeps the wrench in the cab and a spare wrench can also be held back at base in case the trailer is hooked to another tractor.

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