Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Houston, Texas, presented the 3,000-pound-capacity EOP15N3 order picker to its North American product line.

The EOP15N3 offers the ability to reach order-picking heights of up to 30 feet, allowing operators to work with superior stability and control. Built for efficient order picking, this machine delivers top travel speeds, hydraulic speeds and lifting and lowering speeds. Additional smart performance and productivity-enhancing options are also available to meet specific warehouse needs.

Benefits include:

Longer run times. The EOP15N3 utilizes advanced 3-phase AC technology, which provides strong acceleration, high lifting and lowering speeds, lower energy consumption and longer run times for increased operator productivity throughout a shift.

Operator comfort. The electric steering requires less effort to control the lift truck, and the operator platform incorporates an ultra-comfort cushioned floor to help reduce operator fatigue throughout the shift.

High levels of stability and control. The ergonomic control handle incorporates a solid and secure grip with a natural range of motion. The position of the base provides added operator comfort during travel.

Less maintenance. Sealed components reduce the need for maintenance over time by protecting critical areas of the order picker in dusty or moist environments. Extended 1,000-hour service intervals further reduce the need for routine maintenance.

Improved operator display panel. The lift truck’s interactive display panel shows key performance and truck status information in full color for improved awareness during operation.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.