PeopleNet, a Minnetonka, Minn.-based division of Trimble Co., launched ConnectedFleet Central, a user interface that combines all of PeopleNet’s reporting, business intelligence and analytics solutions in a single web portal.

Currently available to fleets using the ConnectedFleet Platform, ConnectedFleet Central packages data from PeopleNet’s entire suite of products to provide a sophisticated and advanced analytics engine called Central Intelligence. Whether a fleet is using vehicle health monitoring or safety and compliance solutions, Central Intelligence aggregates data from each application and provides self-discovery tools, dashboards and reports that give fleets an interactive and complete view of operations.

The Central Intelligence portal allows fleets to:

• Use a single sign-on to access data and analytics from the entire suite of PeopleNet products.

• Leverage interactive dashboards and exception-based tools for customizable reports that provide better discoverability of fleet trends.

• Find and reward drivers that are achieving success.

• Easily configure tools to visualize fleet problems and solutions.

ConnectedFleet is said to be the first platform to forge a comprehensive fleet mobility solution that integrates pure software as a service (SaaS) and mobile technologies with real-time predictive analytics.