Omnitracs, LLC, Dallas, renamed its FleetRisk Advisors business unit to Omnitracs Analytics to more accurately describe the business unit’s core mission of developing a broad set of analytics offerings, clearly positioning the business as a core component of Omnitracs’ enterprise-wide suite of solutions for transportation and logistics.

“Predictive analytics technology is challenging traditional personnel management practices by shining a light on the psychology behind today’s drivers,” says Dean Croke, who was promoted to vice president as a result of the new business unit. “As fleets look beyond traditional methods to better manage their drivers and overall company operations, Omnitracs Analytics continues to provide innovative technology solutions to arm them with the information and tools needed to manage safety and increase operational efficiencies.”

“We believe that the importance of analytics and big data will continue to increase for our customers. Omnitracs is well positioned to continue its thought leadership in this space and develop cutting-edge analytics offerings,” says David Post, chief operating officer. “Croke’s extensive industry expertise and proven track record of successfully driving large scale sales initiatives and technology innovation are well-suited to lead the business unit’s growth.”