TruTag Technologies, Inc., Kapolei, Hawaii, formed a partnership with IRIS Corp. Bhd (IRIS), a provider of trusted identification solutions based in Malaysia, to develop smartcard and secure label applications globally.

TruTag developed the Optical Memory (iOM) device, a digital “cookie” that enables the digitization of the analogue world. These iOM devices are dust-sized particles that can be embedded into products without the need for packaging or labels. They are edible and covert, and can digitize a plethora of items for product intelligence.

The partnership will enable both parties to co-develop and offer a portfolio of smartcard and secure label products.

“As the pioneer of ePassport and multi-application eID technology, IRIS has been in trusted ID for over 20 years, with clients in over 30 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Italy, Norway and India,” says Choong Choo Hock, acting chief executive officer for IRIS. “TruTag, on the other hand, is a leading U.S. authentication company, and the only company in the world with covert and ingestible (edible) optical memory microtags that can be applied to both consumables (pharmaceuticals, food and beverage) and secure documents. We are looking to provide multiple layers of security to secure labels and documents, including but not limited to biometric smartcards and mission-critical labels such as airline baggage labels.”

“We are delighted to team up with IRIS Corp. as a pioneer and world leader in trusted Identification. The collaborative venture will look to providing secure documents and labels for various applications across different countries and industries, and we look forward to working together with IRIS to provide leading-edge authentication and data intelligence solutions to our customers with high levels of security needs,” says Michael Bartholomeusz, chief executive officer of TruTag Technologies.

“The combined strengths and product portfolio of both companies will enable us to target practically every aspect of product authentication, including enhancing the safety and traceability of food and medicine, which is an issue of global importance,” says Dr. Hank Wuh, founder and chairman of TruTag Technologies.