EnerSys, Reading, Pa., revealed a complete line of Express EnCore high frequency modular fast chargers.

Engineered with the latest digital power control technology and charging intelligence, Express EnCore chargers allow batteries to be safely charged anytime during the shift-day.

Charger modules are automatically switched on and off based on charge cycle requirements. Should a module develop a minor fault, the charger bypasses the module for continuation of the charging process without interruption.

Express EnCore modular fast chargers utilize the exclusive EnerSys Express Fast Charge profile, which uses short current pulses to shorten the full charge time and effectively mix the electrolyte in less time. This charger also includes a premium 3-phase, dual-port model that offers two chargers in one cabinet. Express EnCore chargers are equipped with an easy-to-read 4.3-inch multi-color LCD dashboard screen, an easy-to-use programmable menu and a USB port to download, upload and record charger data.