The B’laster Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, launched a new line of NSF-certified food grade products.

The line includes: 

Multi-purpose lubricant. A high-performance formula that lubricates moving parts in most food processing and handling applications. This multi-purpose lubricant is free from silicone, and prevents further rust and corrosion.

Conveyor track and cable lubricant. Formulated with pressure additives for use on overhead doors and mechanisms, roller drives and conveyor equipment, this silicone-based lubricant leaves a tack-free film that won’t accumulate dust and dirt.

Silicone lubricant. Containing a high concentration of silicone, this lubricant eliminates wear from constant friction on most surfaces, and protects rubber and plastic parts, making it great for food processing and handling applications.

White spray grease. A clean, low-odor white grease that protects against rust, moisture and oxidation. It’s safe for a wide range of applications, including food processing and handling. 

The B'laster Corp.