Lubricant degradation caused by microbial growth can now be of less concern to food plants and customers with the introduction of LUBRI-ARMOUR, an anti-Lubriplate Productsmicrobial additive produced by Lubriplate Lubricants, Toledo, Ohio.

Created to prevent decomposition and odors in the lubricant caused by microorganisms, LUBRI-ARMOUR has been registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency for use in NSF/H-1 registered food-grade lubricants (EPA Registration No. 86389-1).

LUBRI-ARMOUR is in the following LUBRIPLATE food-grade products: LUBRIPLATE SynXtreme FG-1/220, SynXtreme FG-2/220, the SFL series, FGL series, PURE TAC, PURE TAC Light, CLEARPLEX series and FGL-CC. 

Plus, LUBRI-ARMOUR assures the customer of a safe product without sacrificing lubricant performance.  And, 100% use of NSF/H-1 registered food-grade lubricants eliminates lubrication as a potential chemical hazard in a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan (HACCP).

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