RuggON Corp., Los Angeles, launched the VX-601, a new rugged in-vehicle terminal that provides visibility from a large, bright, sunlight-readable touchscreen display.

The VX-601 is suitable for challenging environments and diverse applications such as intralogistics, cold chain logistics, waste management, harbor freight handling, agriculture and construction. This full-featured computer is based around an Intel Core i5-6300U 2.4 GHz CPU with up to 8GB of memory, an 80mm M.2 SSD for storage and internal mini-PCIe slots for expansion.

The ultra-bright 1200 nits display dims automatically in low light to save power and prevent eyestrain. A tough projected capacitive touchscreen (PCT) option is available for improved gloved operation.

The user-friendly DashON interface enables users to easily monitor or adjust numerous important settings and features.

RuggON Corp.