AdvancePierre Foods, Cincinnati, introduced 13 new Fresh-Cut sandwiches for vending, micro market and convenience store retailers.

Fresh-Cut’s new sandwiches feature homestyle breads, natural cheeses and premium meats. And, AdvancePierre’s Flavor-Guard packaging affords consumers a 360-degree view of the product through a sturdy, protective clamshell. A recessed, formed lid creates a secure seal to lock in freshness. The Fresh-Cut subs’ paper packaging boasts similar flavor-protective properties and includes a window. All products feature a front-of-pack calorie call-out.

The new sandwiches include wraps in Chicken Caesar and Southwest Turkey; wedges in Smoky Ham & Natural Cheddar, Turkey Breast & Natural Cheddar, Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad; hearty size wedges in Black Forest Ham & Natural Swiss, Oven Roasted Turkey & Natural Cheddar and Hearty Italian Wedge; and subs in Smoky Ham & Natural Cheddar, Oven Roasted Turkey & Natural Cheddar, Italian, Roast Beef and Smoky Ham & Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

“Our new Fresh-Cut sandwiches live up to the ‘fresh’ in their name,” says Nancy Todys, vice president of convenience marketing. “The packaging locks in and protects the fresh flavor already delivered by the sandwiches’ premium ingredients, satisfying consumers and minimizing stales.”