Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), Colorado Springs, Colo., provides on-pack verification for products subjected to high-pressure processing (HPP).

CTI’s HPP ink technology provides an easy-to-use tool to audit whether or not packages have been subjected to HPP or severe heat abuse during transportation or storage. The HPP indicator ink can be printed directly on the package, and color appears when the package has been subjected to 50,000 psi or greater. 

The ink technology also contains anti-counterfeiting features to ensure a dishonest person hasn’t just simply printed an ink overlay on the package claiming an HPP indicator. The HPP indicator also detects severe heat exposure above 90° F. 

CTI’s HPP verification technology is used on meats, vegetables, juices, cheeses, hummus, guacamole, various sauces and more.

Chromatic Technologies Inc.