In a move to support the growing number of senior technology executives seeking to better execute a North America-based reverse supply chain management (RSCM) strategy, Re-Teck opened its new headquarters in Redwood City, Calif.

The Redwood City headquarters will house program management, engineering, R&D, business development and support staff.

“Recycling is a dirty word at Re-Teck,” says Linda Li, chief strategy officer. “This is because it used to simply mean shredding the devices; re-using a limited volume of the raw materials and sending more materials to landfill. At Re-Teck, we understand the potential of technology to be profitably disassembled with components being repurposed and re-used, while addressing regulations and better protecting the planet. The commoditization of recycling has stopped at many of the most progressive technology brands, and they’re now counting on Re-Teck as a strategic partner to help them navigate the new world order.”