HVT series centrifugal dryers from Herbold USA, Smithfield, R.I., provide gentle energy saving drying of re-grind, especially hollow bodies, PET bottles, polyolefins and other plastics.

The HVT’s distinguishing feature is its vertical rotor shaft, which ensures longer dwell time in the drying chamber. HVT dryers operate on the principle of centrifugal drying. Material is accelerated against a screened stator surface and simultaneously transported from bottom to top by rotor paddles. Feeding is via a horizontal drainage screw, which eliminates most of the surface moisture before material enters the dryer.

Large doors on the HVT’s housing provide easy access to components, rotor paddles and screens can be changed quickly and easily and the unit’s housing is equipped with strategically located replaceable wear plates.

Herbold Meckesheim USA, a subsidiary of Herbold Meckesheim Germany