GEA Process Engineering will launch its newRAY2 large laboratory-sized batch freeze dryer at ANUGA FoodTec 2012 in Cologne March 27-30. TheRAY2 provides a higher volume capability for the development and small-scale production of food products such as freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.

TheRAY concept ensures a short downtime between batches based on short evacuation time, effective water de-icing and quick loading of the trays. It can handle sample sizes of up to 25 kg, which means that samples of about 5-10 kg of dried product can be produced in one batch compared with 1-2 kg previously. It is said to be the most gentle and cost-effective method of freeze drying with low product temperature and high retention of aroma, taste, vitamins and other product characteristics.  

Other key features and benefits include:
•    The ability to operate at the low pressures, down to 0.1mbar needed for freeze drying probiotics (1mbar in standard version);
•    Controlled, documented drying, which gives high product quality and premium prices;
•    Low energy consumption, negligible product loss and outstanding reliability;
•    Specification from low-cost entry level to pharmaceutical standard;
•    Touch panel control;
•    Automatic running with all vital parameters monitored and stored during the freeze drying process to provide full documentation and repeatability;
•    Easy cleaning and maintenance; can be equipped with CIP and SIP if required;
•    Material certificates available;
•    Easy scale up to full production.

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