Heat and Control, Hayward, Calif., released the Rotary Dryer Roaster (RDR) multi-zone convection dryer/roaster system, which provides optimal drying or roasting in a continuous, gentle and sanitary manner with complete control to produce quality, uniform results.

Unlike static rack ovens, as product is gently tumbled in the RDR, heated air circulates through the product bed to facilitate unprecedented uniform drying/moisture removal or roasting. The design handles the raw product in a continuous, high-density manner through a unique flighted drum that ensures positive motion.

Features include a unique drum design that facilitates continuous first-in/first-out product flow and independent fans and burners in multiple convection zones, which provides complete process control that can be tailored to various products. An externally mounted drum drive design provides access for internal clean-in-place piping and nozzles for automated and thorough cleaning.

Heat and Control, Inc.